Rayna Weeden, aka ImagineSkies, is a professional photographer. She’s spent years taking and editing pictures for herself and others. Turning skill and passion into the best formula for photography.
It started in 9th grade with a graphic design curriculum and a phenomenal teacher. After a few months, I was able to check out a Canon Rebel T6. This gave me my first moment with a DLSR. I taught myself how to use the camera, terms like shutter speed and ISO, and paired it with my eye for beautiful scenery. I finally got my first camera, a Nikon D70, in January 2018 as a gift. With this, I started going out to new locations to take even more amazing pictures. Taking it everywhere I went so I could capture all the beauty I see in my day. To this day, almost three years later, I’m using a Nikon 3500 and ready to take on the challenges of broadcasting my work to the world.

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